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Choose HP Laptop

Over time, letters on your HP keyboard may be completely wiped out, some keys may become damaged, or the keyboard may not work at all not. This can be quite frustrating, but you can easily fix it with a replacement HP laptop keyboard. If Your HP laptop keyboard stops working or some keys of your HP laptop keyboard don't work, at a low price you Buy HP laptop keyboard or have replaced at WS Repair.

HP laptop keyboard not working, replace HP Laptop keyboard

Why is your HP laptop keyboard not working anymore?

There can be several reasons why your HP laptop keyboard has stopped working. For example, it is possible that moisture has reached the board, causing a short circuit and you can no longer use the keys. It is also possible that the various buttons release and you suddenly have a certain letter on your finger while typing. You can't always replace these yourself, making it difficult to keep using that particular button. There is also the ever-present risk of a software error that you cannot do anything about. As you can see, there can be many reasons for keyboard not working anymore laptop.

One ​​or more keys do not work.

Dust, dirt, hair, and other debris can fall into the keyboard over time and hinder the movement of a key or disrupt its circuits. Try to remove the keys that don't work and clean the area below and around them. If cleaning the keys doesn't fix the problem, the keyboard circuit board is probably faulty or damaged. A defective circuit board can cause one or more keys to malfunction or not function at all. If the circuit board is faulty, your HP laptop keyboard will need to be replaced to resolve the issue.

Spill water or coffee on the keyboard and now rows of random keys no longer work

Spill water or coffee on the keyboard, and now rows of random keys no longer work.

Laptop keyboards are connected to the motherboard by very thin flex cables. Since liquid is an excellent conductor, spilling onto a keyboard can short-circuit the keyboard, causing some keys to malfunction. Spilled liquids on a laptop keyboard can cause damage much deeper than just the keyboard — much deeper. Sometimes, spilled liquids can seep down through the keyboard and damage the underlying components, including the touchpad, memory, processor, and even the motherboard. Please note, liquid spilled today could take days, weeks or months to cause damage.

Replace some HP keys or should the keyboard be replaced?

Sometimes a key on the keyboard of an HP laptop can become loose or fall off. AIf the keycap is loose or loose on only one side, just press it down from that point. Press it a little hard but delicately, and you will eventually hear the click.

Each key on a laptop keyboard can have three components: the keycap, keypad and keysprings, If one of the components is broken or damaged, repair is not possible. On some websites you can buy separate laptop keyboard keys.

HP Laptop have keyboard replaced

Don't take our advice : Firstly please note that there may be multiple revisions of a given keyboard and it may not be obvious which one you have, secondly it is not cheaper as you think, thirdly it is difficult to install and the components can easily break, ten last there is doubt about the result.

HP Keyboard has no backlight. Can I replace a version with lighting or vice versa?

Replacing HP laptop keyboard with backlight is possible, basically no need to replace with backlit keyboard. You can use keyboard without backlight. It is cheaper, but you lose the lighting function.

HP laptop keyboard with back light

Can I replace HP laptop keyboard myself?

YES! If your HP keyboard is mounted with screws or can be removed from the top, you can easily replace it yourself. It is very simple and you will save time (no need to wait for a specialist) and above all money. All you need to do is buy the correct keyboard for your HP laptop.

Replace HP laptop keyboard yourself

Unfortunately, most modern laptops don't have the separate keyboards that you can detach from the top, they are built-in (welded instead of attached) keyboards and can only be replaced by specialist, but you can buy the keyboard with the top case, it is more expensive.